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April 16, 2019


Looking for the best meal prep bag of 2019? Despite the title, there really is no comparison between the PERFORMA MATRIX and other leading brands. The PERFORMA MATRIX dominates in almost every category.


The first and difference between the Innovator Mini 6 Pack bag and the PERFORMAMATRIX meal prep bag is the functionality and volume comparison.

The Innovator Mini 6 Pack bag is marketed as a three meal bag (with the ability to store one extra meal in the top). The PERFORMAMATRIX meal prep bag is marketed as a six meal bag with the ability to store up to nine meals.

How many meals does PERFORMA MATRIX hold?

Now you might think that’s like comparing apples to oranges (one is for those who need fewer meals, the other for those who need more) however, here is where things get kind of wild.

When comparing between PERFORMAMATRIX and the Innovator Mini 6 Pack bag in size and weight (3 lbs), they are practically identicalthe Innovator Mini 6 Pack bag just holds three fewer meals!

Compact and functionality winner? The PERFORMA™ MATRIX.  


The  PERFORMAMATRIX comes with six 24 oz leak-free guaranteed meal prep containers and a removable thermal divider. Innovator Mini 6 Pack bag comes with three 20 oz containers plus a 20 oz supplement container.  The 6 Pack Fitness bag offers a stacked tray system which is handy for storing but limits space.

Meal Prep Containers

The PERFORMA bag neatly stacks the six meals with both front and top access however, it is by no means limited to just six containers. Every container offered with the 6 Pack Innovator Mini can also fit inside the PERFORMA meal prep bag—that’s six extra meals that fit in thePERFORMAMATRIX.

Meal container storage winner? The PERFORMA™ MATRIX.


Both the PERFORMA™ MATRIX and the 6 Pack Innovator Mini can fit two PERFORMA™ shakers. However, the PERFORMA™ bag offers thermal pockets with an expandable drawstring and clasp for security and versatility.

The light mesh pocket of the 6 Pack Innovator Mini offers little to no security from your shaker bottle falling out or heating up in your car. While the elasticated pocket edge might secure some bottles, we found it to be quite loose.  

Shaker storage winner? The PERFORMA™ MATRIX.


Both the PERFORMA™ MATRIX and 6 Pack Innovator Mini come with two TSA approved ice packs; however PERFORMA™ ice packs are approved to take through airport security at room temperature. The 6 Pack ice packs must be frozen prior to travelling through airport security which could be a huge hassle.

PERFORMA Meal Prep Bag Ice Packs  

If you are going to be travelling a lot, you’ll be interested to know the PERFORMA™ MATRIX offers a luggage strap twice as wide (and more durable) than the 6 Pack Innovator Mini.

PERFORMA Travel Meal Prep Bag

Those travelling always need extra storage, whether it be for napkins, cutlery, your passport (we honestly think this makes the best carry-on). There are no additional pockets on the 6 Pack Innovator Mini. The PERFORMA™ MATRIX offers an additional inside front pocket, outside zipper pocket and a bonus secret slip pocket on the back. This is the perfect tablet or book pocket for those taking this bag on the plane.

Traveling convenience winner? The PERFORMA™ MATRIX.


The 6 Pack Innovator Mini has a one year warranty. The PERFORMA™ MATRIX, and any PERFORMA™ product has a limited lifetime guarantee. Is there are any workmanship issues or defects with your meal prep bag, we will replace it.

Both the PERFORMA MATRIX vs. 6 Pack Innovator Mini bags are fantastic options for those on-the-go who are looking to up their meal prep game. We hope this insight helps you with you decision.

To shop the PERFORMA™ MATRIX click here.

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