At PERFORMA™ we believe the quality of our products speak for themselves.

In an effort to help you determine the best cooler bag for your lifestyle, we are comparing dozens of the top selling meal prep bags with the PERFORMA™ Matrix cooler bag. To watch more of our comparison videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Bag Comparison Overview

  • Both the Jaxx Fitpak Commuter and the PERFORMA Matrix are marketed as six meal bags; however, the Jaxx only comes with four 16oz containers and two 8oz containers. The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with six 24oz containers.

  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with two TSA approved (even when not frozen) ice packs . The Jaxx comes with one large, hard plastic ice pack that would not be TSA approved.

  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix and Jaxx Fitpak Commuter are very similar in size; however, the PERFORMA™ holds three extra meals in addition to everything that comes with the Jaxx cooler.

For a quick comparison, please see the chart below.

Travel Comparison

The Jaxx Fitpak Commuter cooler bag comes with one large, hard plastic ice pack that isn’t ideal for travelling. For those who find themselves flying often, the PERFORMA™ Matrix has two features that may be very important to you. The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with two TSA approved ice packs and a durable, seatbelt-like luggage strap to make your travels a little bit easier. The Jaxx Fitpak Commuter does not have a luggage strap.

While most ice packs must be completely frozen to make it through security safely, the PERFORMA™ ice packs can be taken through unfrozen and frozen making for a more efficient security check.

Comfort Comparison

Depending on your lifestyle, you may be carrying around your cooler bag for the majority of the day. That’s why the PERFORMA™ innovation team felt it was important the Matrix cooler bag feature padded straps and handles for more comfortable use. The Jaxx Fitpak Commuter bag also has both a shoulder strap and top handle, however they are unpadded.

Both bags feature a removable shoulder strap which is ideal for travelling and allows for greater versatility.

Meal Containers

The Jaxx Fitpak Commuter bag comes with four 16oz meal containers and two 8oz meal containers. The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with six 24oz containers that are BPA and leak free.

Extra Features

The Jaxx cooler bag comes with a shaker bottle, which is perfect as the non-adjustable bottle pocket of the Jaxx bag does not allow for many other shakers. The PERFORMA Matrix does not come with a shaker; however, the adjustable insulated mesh shaker holder can hold just about any water bottle or shaker and be tightened for security.

The PERFORMA Matrix meal prep bag comes with a thermal divider to help separate your meals based on how cold you’d like them stored and a secret tablet pocket to hold your phone, ipad or other valuables.

The Investment

The Jaxx Fitpak Commuter cooler bag retails for $49.99 US according to the Jaxx Fitness website and returns are only valid for unused products within 30 days of purchasing. Customers are required to cover the cost of return shipping.

The PERFORMA™ Matrix meal prep bag is $69.99 US however comes with a limited lifetime warranty. We trust the quality of our bags and containers and are happy to stand by them for the years to come.

The Conclusion

Both the PERFORMA™ Matrix and Jaxx Fitpak Commuter cooler bags are marketed as six meal bags and are relatively the same size.

The difference is in the amount of storage, security of the meal containers and promise of a limited lifetime warranty. Although both are great options, we believe the PERFORMA™ Matrix is a higher quality cooler bag that will last you through the hectiness of meal prepping, travelling, working out and your overall lifestyle.

So PERFORMA Nation, which cooler bag suits you best? Click here for more information.

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