BEST Meal Container Review (You Won't Believe Which "Leak Free" Container Cracks Under Pressure)

We put the containers of the top cooler bags through four tests to see which one comes out on top.

Are you sick of leaky and cracked meal containers? Have you ever been excited about a cooler bag on the market, only to find out your take out food containers from dinner last night are better quality than the ones included in your new bag? You are NOT alone!

When you’re investing in a good quality cooler bag, you want to ensure you are getting something that lasts and functions the way you need it to. Some cooler bags are made to perfection then throw in containers and accessories that are anything but.

We put the meal containers of the industry’s top five cooler bags to the test...actually four tests.

We tested the meal containers of five top cooler bags: Six Pack Fitness, Fitmark, Jaxx Fitness, Isolator Fitness and PERFORMA to see which ones pass the quality, stackability/storage, leak-free and design tests.

After putting the meal containers of top selling coolers bags head to head, we found which meal container is truly the best of the bunch (read until the end as the results might surprise you)!

Top 5 Meal Containers We Tested:

  2. Six Pack Fitness
  3. Fitmark
  4. Jaxx Fitness
  5. Isolator Fitness

          The Four Comparison Tests:

          1. Quality
          2. Stackability
          3. Leak-Free
          4. Design

          Other notes:

          • All five brands of meal containers tested are reusable, BPA free, microwave safe and dishwasher safe

          Meal Container ‘Quick-Look’ Overall Comparison

          Test #1 Quality

          Our quality test is based on the overall look and feel of the container. Is it sturdy? Are the containers and/or lids flimsy? Do the lids easily fall off or seal tightly?

          All five brands market their meal containers as reusable, microwave safe and dishwasher safe.

        1. PERFORMA™ - The PERFORMA™ meal containers feature ClickTight technology to ensure you get the perfect seal every time. The containers are the perfect shape for laying out your meals yet are extremely durable and difficult to bend or warp. These felt the strongest out of all the containers we tested.
        2. Fitmark - The seal is very strong with the lid locking technology and the compact shape makes this container the on of the least flimsy of all five containers. However, the depth/shape of the container means you’ll need to stack your food opposed to laying it out like you would on a plate.
        3. Six Pack Fitness - Lid locking technology helps ensure that your meal is safely packed. The lid and container are flimsy but cannot be easily cracked.
        4. Jaxx Fitness - With no flaps to secure the Jaxx Fitness lid, this container is not secure. The container body and lid are fairly strong however, the lids are difficult to seal and with no “clicking” sound it’s impossible to confirm you’ve correctly closed the container.
        5. Isolator Fitness - The containers are large and feature clear lids so you can see your meals however, both the lid and body of the container are extremely flimsy and susceptible to cracking. These were by far the weakest of the five and resemble something you would receive from a take-out restaurant.

        6. Test #2 Stackability

          You want containers to be as compact at home in a cupboard as they are in your lunch bag. This test is to see how well each container nests within each other and how much space each brand’s containers will take up in your cupboards. If saving space is important to you, here is our ranking:

        7. Isolator Fitness - These containers are incredible for space saving. The thin plastic allows for many containers and lids to be stacked tightly.
        8. Six Pack Fitness - The Six Pack Fitness meal prep containers nest beautifully; however, the lid flaps do take up extra spaced in comparison to the Isolator Fitness meal prep containers.
        9. PERFORMA™- Decent stacking with the PERFORMA meal containers, especially if you push them together a little, although they don’t nest perfectly like the Isolator or Six Pack ones. Although the lids fit nicely on top of each other the ClickTight flaps means they take up more space than say the Isolator Fitness meal prep containers.
        10. Jaxx Fitness - Also decent stacking or nesting with the Jaxx Fitness meal containers. The lids fit nicely together as they don’t have any flaps.
        11. Fitmark - These containers do not nest or stack well. If you are looking for space-saving containers, these are not for you.

        12. Test #3 Leak-Free

          Perhaps the most important test for those looking for quality containers for their on-the-go lifestyle. We put water in each brand’s container and shook vigorously to see which would pass the leak-free test. Here are our results:

        13. PERFORMA™ - Absolutely no water leaks, no spilling, not even a drop out of the PERFORMA™ meal prep containers (and you better believe we shook it as hard as possible).We also guarantee our meal prep containers under a Limited Lifetime Warranty.
        14. Six Pack Fitness - Other than the PERFORMA™ meal prep containers, these are the only other meal containers not to leak.
        15. Fitmark - At first, we believed the Fitmark meal containers to be leak free, however with vigorous shaking, water began to leak quite a lot. These may be great containers in the fridge but not necessarily on-the-go.
        16. Jaxx Fitness - The lid of the Jaxx Fitness container does not seem to seal which allows for liquids (and your food in general) to spill out everywhere. These are not leak-free.
        17. Isolator Fitness - Do NOT put liquids or anything that can spill in these containers, especially if you are on-the-go. The Isolator Fitness meal prep containers aren’t leak free.

        18. Test #4 Design

          After knowing your container is BPA and leak free, design might be your next must-have. You use your meal containers every day, you want to like what you’re looking at! In this category there was only one clear winner: PERFORMA™.

          We researched the meal container designs available for Six Pack Fitness, Fitmark, Jaxx Fitness, Isolator Fitness and PERFORMA™ to find that most had zero design options. Some, such as Jaxx Fitness, had colour variations but that was really the extent of your choice.

          One of PERFORMA™’s key differentiators is our licensed designs. With licenses with Marvel, DC and Star Wars (just to name a few), we have a variety of meal container options to make any lunch super.

          Choose from Punisher, Batman, Darth Vader, PERFORMA™ black, PERFORMA™ pink and so many more to come. We also offer both black and clear lid options available in both three packs and sold individually.


          When you purchase the PERFORMA™ Matrix six meal meal prep bag, six matching containers are included. To learn more about our cooler bag, click here.

          Meal Container Comparison Results

          After taking all four tests into consideration, we feel the following overall ranking is justified and accurate.

          Overall Meal Container Ranking:

          1. PERFORMA™
          2. Six Pack Fitness
          3. Fitmark
          4. Jaxx Fitness
          5. Isolator Fitness

          Not only did the PERFORMA™ meal prep containers prove to be leak free and durable, our meal containers come in the more design options than the other top four competitors and have a Limited Lifetime Guarantee. To learn more about the best meal containers on the market, click here.

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