Best Wrist Wraps of 2019 (+ How To Properly Put Them On)

The best wrist wraps (and how to use them) to help your heavy lifts in 2019.

Going for a heavy PR in 2019? From deadlifts to push press, hitting a new heavy PR puts a lot of pressure on your body—in particular, your wrists.

Typically your wrists weaker than the muscle groups you are training. After lifting for a while (and lifting heavy), you may start to notice your wrists beginning to hurt.

The purpose of a wrist wraps is to provide support to the wrist joints during heavy lifts. The purpose of PERFORMA Batman and Superman wrist wraps is to make you happy.

When doing your press exercises, wrist wraps help improve wrist support so you can hit higher reps and weight. There are three main classes of wrist wraps: light, heavy and ultra—ultra wraps being the most stiff and best for those looking to lift extremely heavy.

When it comes to wrist wraps, length matters. You can find anything from 12 inches to 30 inches. Personal preference comes into play when choosing your wrist wrap length. Our PERFORMA wrist wraps are 21 inches long.

How to Put On Wrist Wraps

Using the thumb loop, guide the wrap around the top of your wrist first. Why? A few reasons but the main ones being:

1) It allows you to hold the first wrap around with your fingers creating the most supportive pressure.

2) When you go to remove the thumb loop it will rest on the top of your hand opposed in your palm (which could get in the way of your grip).

Four Quick Wrist Wrap Tips

  • Don’t wear for warm ups.
  • Wrist wraps are meant to help stabilize the wrist and reduce risk of injury during your heaviest lifts; however, avoid becoming dependent of wrist wraps during your warm ups and lighter sets. It’s important to continue to develop strength of your wrist flexors and extensors.

  • Not necessary during bodyweight exercises.
  • This next point is heavily debated as many find wrist wraps beneficial during pull-ups and push-ups alike. For the majority of individuals doing bodyweight work, wrist wraps are not necessary. That being said, if you are recovering from an injury or performing intense or repetitive bodyweight work such as clap push-ups, they can be very beneficial.

  • Don’t wrap too low.
  • The purpose of your wrist wraps is to support your wrist. When wrapped too low on the wrist, the stability and support is greatly impacted. It may sound like common sense, but wrist wraps need to be cover the wrist crease. For a visual, please watch our How To Properly Put Wrist Wraps On video.

  • Choose the right wrist wraps for you.

  • Depending on what PR you’re attempting, some wrist wraps may be better than others. For exercises such as the clean and jerk or snatch, you may want a lighter wrist wrap as to allow some motion of the wrist. For exercises such as a shoulder press, you may want something a bit heavier or thicker for additional support.

    The Best Wrist Wraps of 2019

    PERFORMA™ 21-inch wrist wraps feature high quality elastic, premium velcro and reinforced cross stitching. Along with our PERFORMA™ branded wrist wraps, our best 2019 wrist wraps also include both officially licensed Superman and Batman options.

    Our biggest wrist wrap tip? Don’t allow the amount of weight dictate when to reach for your wrist wraps—allow your grip failure to determine when you need them.

    To shop our PERFORMA™ and DC wrist wraps, click here.

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