Choosing The Right Lunch Cooler Bag For Your Lifestyle

In today’s cooler bag market, the choices really are endless so how do you know you’re investing in the right option for your lifestyle? Let us break it down.

If you haven’t heard of PERFORMA before, welcome! We are a proud Canadian company that specializes in quality gym accessories and are known for our awesome Marvel, DC, Star Wars, WWE and MLB designs.

When it comes to good nutrition, we believe having the right tools in place makes the world of difference so we went looking for the right meal prep bag for our needs. After testing out all of the leading companies’ bags we realized there wasn’t the perfect option for our needs or our community’s.

Last year, we released our very first meal prep bag (the Matrix 6 Meal Cooler Bag) and were blown away by the response. There truly isn’t another meal prep bag on the market like ours.

However, we did receive a lot of requests for a smaller version of the bag for those who don’t need 6+ meals on the go. Enter our new Matrix 3 Meal Cooler Bag.


Both bags feature the quality details you love such as an insulated foil liner to keep your meals colder longer, the adjustable padded shoulder strap and incredible leak free containers, but there are some differencesthe most prominent being size.

So which meal cooler bag is right for my lifestyle?

Start by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. How many hours am I “on-the-go” for per day?
  2. How many of my meal will be consumed while I am gone?
  3. How often do I travel and need to take my meals via airplane?
  4. What type of snacks do I like to have on me at all times?
  5. Do I need more than one water bottle or shaker on any given day?

These are questions that are absolutely dependent on your daily routine and lifestyle. With clear answers from above, one of our meal prep bags will become the more obvious choice for you.

Capacity and Storage

PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal can hold up to four meal containers and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal can hold up to nine meal containers. Below we have listed all the pockets and storage features available in each bag.


  • Side garage door pocket to stack three meals
  • Top zipper compartment for one additional meal container or other snacks
  • Back mesh pocket for items you need on the go
  • Insulated mesh water bottle or shaker pocket



    • Front garage door pocket to stack two rows of three meals (six total)
    • Top compartment with additional a snack zippered in pocket and room for up to three more meals
    • Backside secret tablet pocket with velcro closing
    • Insulated side water bottle or shaker pocket (fits two shakers!)
    • Side valuables zipper compartment with mesh pocket, key fob clip, velcro pocket, etc.
    • Backside luggage strap made from seatbelt quality material

      Meal Containers

      The meal containers included with both the PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal bags are exactly the same. However, the MATRIX 3 meal comes with three 24 oz containers and the MATRIX 6 comes with six 24 oz containers.

      The containers are BPA free, dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe and guaranteed leak free.


      Both of our PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal bags are great for travel. The ice packs included with both cooler bags are TSA approved (even when not frozen). However, the PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal bag does have a luggage strap and a secret tablet pocket which are great for those traveling longer distances.


      We are proud to offer a Limited Lifetime Warranty with both the PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal—no registering required.


      The PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal is $49.99 and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal bag is $69.99. The $20 difference could be justified in the three extra meal containers included alone which are available for purchase on for $19.99.

      Due to the size of the PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 it does include a few additional features such as a luggage strap, tablet pocket, two TSA approved ice packs opposed to one and a few additional storage options.

      Decision Time

      We hope you find this blog helpful in making your decision for your next meal prep or lunch bag. We may be biased, but we strongly believe the PERFORMA™ MATRIX 3 Meal and PERFORMA™ MATRIX 6 Meal cooler bags are the best quality on the market.

      Still not convinced on PERFORMA™? We have a number of meal bag comparison videos comparing the PERFORMA™ MATRIX with cooler bags from Jaxx Fitness, Isolator Fitness, Fitpak, 6 Pack and many more. Click here to check it out the whole playlist.

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