PERFORMA™ Lifestyle: It's Not About The Weight

From being a self-proclaimed "skinny benchwarmer" to 35 lbs overweight in college, Ethan Day can relate to it all. Now, a professional bodybuilder and an influential member of our PERFORMA™ Hero Program, we are excited for #PerformaNation to get to know his story.

Age: 26
Occupation: Marketing Agency Project Manager
Location: Des Moines, IA
Hero Code: EDAYFIT
Favorite Snack: Baked Flamin Hot Cheetos
Favorite Superhero: Batman is the only right answer.
Q: Why do you workout?
A: "Working out began as a way for me to lose weight but now it's become so much more than that. I workout to relieve stress, to spend time with my wife, to improve my physique and to push myself to become a better version of me."
Q: Have you been active your whole life?
A: "I was always involved in sports growing up although most of that time was spent riding the bench. I had a brief 3 year hiatus in college from being active but have been very active ever since then."
Q: Are there ever days you just don't feel motivated to head to the gym? What do you do in that case? How do you keep yourself consistent?
A: "Of course! Just like everyone else in the world, there are definitely days where Netflix and a bag of chips sounds a whole lot better than heading to the gym. I've found many ways of overcoming this. A big one comes from having a wife who is also into fitness. She and I hold each other accountable and provide motivation for each other in the gym.
If you can find a gym partner, I highly recommend it because you can rely on them to push you on those days that you are feeling lazy. Another pretty simple way to get myself motivated is having something new to use in the gym. Whether it's a new pair of joggers, a new pre-workout or even some new wrist wraps from PERFORMA , I find that I get excited by having something new to use for my workouts."
Q: What is a struggle you have overcome?
A: "In college, I was inactive for 3 years and it led to be putting on 35 lbs of mostly body fat. In my junior year, I noticed my roommate getting in better shape which made me realize that I need to start making changes too.
As someone who goofed around in the weight room in high school and had never been overweight, I had no idea where to start. I relied on many online workout programs I found and eventually fell in love with the world of bodybuilding.
Since then, I've competed in 3 shows, earned my IPE Men's Physique Pro Card and started training other people who face some of the same struggles I once did."
Q: What is your favorite PERFORMA product? Why?
A: "Definitely my Batman Meal Bag. I bring 3 meals with me every day to the office in it. Our office fridge severely lacks open space so its great knowing my bag will keep things cold all day. I've also brought it with me numerous times when traveling and I'm amazed every time by how much I can fit in it."
Q: What's your goal for this year?
A: "I am currently in a year long offseason so I am working to put on some quality size before prepping for my next show in 2021. While I'm bulking, I have a few strength PRs that I'd also like to hit; 320 lb bench, 415 lb squat, and 500 lb deadlift."
Q: Any advice?
A: "To anyone out there struggling to stay motivated, frustrated that they aren't seeing results faster, remember that it's a marathon, not a sprint," says Ethan. "I went from a skinny bench warmer to an overweight college kid to where I am now, a professional bodybuilder. It didn't happen overnight. It required hard work and I relied on many people to do it including my coach, wife and friends."
For more healthy lifestyle and fitness motivation, follow Ethan's journey at @edayfit on Instagram.

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