How Compression Socks and Calf Sleeves Work

Why compression therapy works and why our product is the best for it.

How do compression socks and calf sleeves work?

By stabilizing muscle tissues after a workout, compression socks and calf sleeves keeps the swelling of muscles fibres at a micro level. Wake up the day after a difficult workout feeling fresh without the aches and pains that use to hold you back.

By pinpointing compression points, compression socks and calf sleeves reduce muscle vibration.

Benefits of Compression Gear

  • Increases oxygen and blood flow

  • Maximum relief from pain

  • Reduces recovery time

  • Revitalizes the muscles

  • Keeps swelling to a manageable level

  • Ease shin splints

  • Protect from injury

  • Reduce impact vibration

PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves

The PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves are made of spandex and micro nylon for sweat-wicking results. The slip-on therapy is an easy and effective way to target both calf and Achilles. Our PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves are one of the few on the market that actually sit low enough to have positive benefits of the Achilles.

There are six different compression zones on the PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves which range from light to firm compression depending on where your body need the compression the most. Our calf sleeves are pre-optimized to give you the best results.

When should I use compression socks or calf sleeves?

You can use compression gear before, during and after your workout or sports practice to reap the benefits of better circulation. We love using them during and after workouts for faster recovery times. The faster you recovery, the better you train.

What size calf sleeve should I wear?

To obtain optimal results, you need the optimal fit. Follow our sizing chart for the best calf sleeve fit.

What makes PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves different?

Along with all of the technical benefits of sitting low enough to reach the Achilles, featuring six different compression zones, etc., PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves feature your favorite DC Comics characters to make workouts (and recovery) more fun.

Choose from Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash or Superman PERFORMA™ Performance Calf Sleeves and allow your inner superhero to shine. Or, pop the ultrathin pair under any gear for a seamless look.


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