Isolator Fitness 3 Meal ISOBAG® VS PERFORMA™ MATRIX: Meal Management Bag Comparison

Want to know the real differences between the Isolator Fitness 3 Meal ISOBAG® and PERFORMA™ MATRIX?

Overview Comparison

  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix is marketed as a six meal bag but can actually fit nine meals. The ISOBAG® is marketed as a three meal bag but can fit a maximum of four
  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix provides six premium leak-free guaranteed 24oz meal containers. The 3 Meal ISOBAG® comes with six meal containers in a variety of sizes however they aren’t covered by the warranty and are known to leak
  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with an automatic Limited Lifetime Warranty on the meal prep bag as well as containers. To receive a Limited Lifetime Warranty on the ISOBAG® you must register your product within 30 days of purchase and it only covers the bag (not the meal containers)
  • The ISOBAG® is made in the USA, the PERFORMA™ Matrix is made in China
  • The PERFORMA™ Matrix ($69.99) retails at less than the 3 Meal ISOBAG® ($74.99)
  • The ISOBAG® has limited design options while the PERFORMA™ Matrix comes in a variety of fully licensed Marvel, DC and Star Wars character designs as well as PERFORMA™ branded colours

Insulation Comparison

The PERFORMA™ Matrix meal management bag is lined with a reflective foil that helps keep food at the desired temperature longer (cold food cold, hot food hot). A unique feature included in our meal management bag is the thermal divider. This removable divider allows you to organize your meals based on temperature while further increasing thermal benefits.

The 3 Meal ISOBAG® is lined with a plastic material which is fine, but does not provide optimal thermal properties.

Meal Container Comparison

The Isolator Fitness 3 Meal ISOBAG® containers are commonly known to leak (something which was true in our own testing) and to resemble take-out food containers. The plastic is flimsy and cracks easily. That being said, the ISOBAG® meal containers do come in a variety of sizes which can be helpful when organizing snacks, etc.

We confidently argue that our PERFORMA™ Matrix meal containers are the best on the market today. Our containers are durable, non-toxic, dishwasher safe and guaranteed leak free. All PERFORMA™ Matrix meal containers are the same size at 24oz.

Travel Comparison

If travel is apart of your lifestyle, you’ll understand the need for a durable luggage strap. With the PERFORMA™ Matrix that is exactly what you get. Our bag is designed to help you move through your travels (specifically the airport) as efficiently as possible.

Our luggage strap is made with seatbelt material and our ice packs are TSA approved when frozen or thawed. The Matrix also features unique extra storage for your tablet and valuables making it the perfect carry-on.

The Isolator Fitness 3 Meal ISOBAG® does not have a luggage strap but the ISOBRICKS™ (12oz gel-free ice packs included) are TSA approved when frozen. As for additional storage, the ISOBAG® doesn’t offer separate pockets for valuables such as tablets.

Both bags offer removable, padded shoulder straps perfect for travelling. The difference between the two is the placement. While the ISOBAG®’s shoulder strap is placed directly in the mid section of the bag, the PERFORMA™ Matrix is offset for a more comfortable carrying experience.

Storage Comparison

The PERFORMA™ Matrix can fit up to nine meals and two shakers. The Isolator Fitness ISOBAG® fits a maximum of four meals and four shakers (two which would be stored in an uninsulated mesh). The PERFORMA™ bag also features additional storage for your valuables, keys and even a tablet.

Price Comparison

While the Isolator Fitness 3 Meal ISOBAG® and PERFORMA™ Matrix meal prep bags are similar in price, the PERFORMA™ Matrix is cheaper and provides better value. While the PERFORMA™ meal prep bag is $69.99 and can comfortably fit up to nine meals, the Isolator Fitness ISOBAG® is $74.99 and is maxed out holding four meals.

Based on the quality of the containers alone, the PERFORMA™ Matrix meal prep bag provides better value.

Warranty Comparison

While both meal prep bags have a Limited Lifetime Warranty, it’s the fine print that differentiates the two.

The 3 Meal ISOBAG® comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty when the customer registers the product online within 30 days of purchase. This warranty does not include: abusive wear and tear of the product, Isobrick ice packs, or the meal prep containers.

The PERFORMA™ Matrix comes with an automatic Limited Lifetime Warranty. We stand by the quality of all our products including ice packs, meal containers and shakers. Material issues, workmanship issues and defective products are all covered by this Limited Lifetime Warranty.

Comparison Conclusion

We strongly feel when you choose PERFORMA™ and the Matrix meal prep bag, you are choosing a higher quality bag that will stand the test of time.

What did you think of this comparison? Which bag will you choose? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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