Jaxx FitPak VS PERFORMA™ Matrix: Meal Prep Bag Review

Compact, lightweight, good storage, comfortable wear—these are all things we look for in a meal prep bag and all things the PERFORMA™ Matrix possesses.

Overview Comparison

The Jaxx FitPak and PERFORMA™ Matrix meal prep bags are marketed quite differently. The Jaxx FitPak is a four meal bag designed to help with portion control. It comes with four 16oz containers and two 8oz containers. The PERFORMA™ Matrix bag comes with six 24oz meal containers.


The Jaxx FitPak (including its shaker) can fit within the PERFORMA™ Matrix with room to spare. In terms of compactability, the PERFORMA™ Matrix allows for a lot more storage and versatility.


Both bags have some unique extras included. The PERFORMA™ Matrix bag comes with a secret tablet pocket, key fob and limited lifetime warranty. The Jaxx FitPak comes with a shaker and pill container along with the provided meal containers.

See the chart below for more comparison specifics.

Meal Container Comparison

The PERFORMA™ Matrix meal containers are some of the best on the market. Along with being dishwasher safe, BPA free, durable and leak-free, our meal containers are completely covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty. Our ClickTight technology ensures our containers are leak free despite what they hold. Soup, chili and all liquids can safely be stored in your gym bag or Matrix meal prep bag without fear of a messy spill.

The Jaxx meal containers are known to be unreliable and leak. Without a seal or snapping sound, it is difficult to know whether or not Jaxx containers are closed. The shape of Jaxx containers can make meals difficult to layout (more suitable for stacking). Although Jaxx containers have a handy measurement guide on the side, it quickly wears off after only a couple washes.

Want a second opinion? Matt DeWitt uploaded an extremely detailed, unsponsored review of the Jaxx FitPak containers here.

Travel Comparison

Although the Jaxx FitPak is compact, it lacks the features necessary for efficient, comfortable travel.

The PERFORMA™ Matrix bag features a removable, paddled shoulder strap as well as padded handles for easy travel. The Jaxx FitPak has top handles but lacks padding and a shoulder strap. The PERFORMA™ Matrix also features a luggage strap and additional storage for valuables.

Ice Pack Comparison

The Jaxx ice pack is a lot larger than the two PERFORMA™ ice packs; however, this comes with some disadvantages. The Jaxx ice packs are heavy and not TSA approved. The two included PERFORMA™ ice packs are TSA approved frozen or thawed.

Quality & Price Comparison

The Fit & Fresh Jaxx FitPak retails for $39.99 and includes: four two cup containers, two one cup leak proof containers, one large ice pack, a vitamin pocket pack and one 28oz Jaxx shaker. The PERFORMA™ Matrix retails for $69.99 and includes: six 24oz leak-proof meal prep containers, a thermal divider and two TSA approved ice packs.

The difference in quality between the two bags is evident immediately upon touch. PERFORMA™ Matrix bags were designed and manufactured with the guidance of a top bag designer. Everything from the lining to the zippers are of the highest quality.

Warranty Comparison

We are unable to compare the two bag’s warranties as Jaxx does not advertise a warranty on their website or distributor websites. The PERFORMA™ Matrix meal prep bag, and all PERFORMA™ products in fact, come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We trust the quality of our meal prep bags and containers and are willing to back them up.

Jaxx FitPak VS PERFORMA™ Matrix

So what did you think of the two bags? Which one best suits your lifestyle? Let us know in the comments below.

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