Meal Management Bag Comparison: PERFORMA™ MATRIX vs. Fitmark™ The Box

Are you looking for a meal management bag? Read our meal prep bag comparison of the PERFORMA™ MATRIX vs. Fitmark™ The Box and be one step closer to finding the right bag for your active lifestyle.


When choosing a meal management bag, you need to remember what is important to you and your lifestyle. There will be some who prefer the compact, inexpensive two-meal FITMARK™ THE BOX while others will prefer the quality materials and ample storage of the PERFORMA™ MATRIX.

Whichever you choose, we hope that these tools help you design the healthy, active lifestyle you desire.

Here are the key differences between the PERFORMA™ MATRIX vs. FITMARK™ The Box:

  • Pricing: PERFORMA™ MATRIX is $10 more than the FITMARK™ The Box
  • Meal Containers: FITMARK™ The Box comes with two 32oz containers, PERFORMA™ MATRIX comes with six 24oz containers
  • TSA Approved Ice Packs: Both bags come with two ice packs but one of FITMARK™ ice packs are not TSA approved
  • Warranty: FITMARK™ provides a one-year unlimited warranty for customers who buy directly from them. PERFORMA™ offers a lifetime limited warranty for all customers
  • Thermal Insulation: PERFORMA™ has high density thermal insulation, FITMARK™ has standard insulation which works but meals stay cold as long
  • Padded Shoulder Strap: The PERFORMA™ MATRIX has a padded, removable shoulder strap


    The Box by FITMARK™ is slightly smaller than the PERFORMA™ MATRIX. The Box is advertised as a two meal bag whereas the PERFORMA™ MATRIX is advertised as a six meal bag with the ability to hold up to nine meals.

    The PERFORMA™ MATRIX comes with six 24oz meal containers. The Box by FITMARK™ comes with two 32ox meal containers and a FITMARK™ shaker.

    Although the size of the FITMARK™ meal containers are much more narrow and tall, PERFORMA™ co-founder, Mark Holowaychuk, wanted to see if they fit into the PERFORMA™ MATRIX. An additional 24oz 5 meal containers fit in the PERFORMA™ MATRIX in addition to the FITMARK™ containers.



    As for shakers, both bags can fit two protein shakers with ease. The PERFORMA™ MATRIX features an insulated mesh area to fit both shakers and tighten for security. The FITMARK™ The Box also fits two shakers, one in an uninsulated mesh pocket on the outside of the bag, the other within the main compartment of the bag which takes up valuable storage.


    Both the PERFORMA™ MATRIX and the FITMARK™ The Box feature luggage straps perfect for those wanting to stay healthy while traveling. The FITMARK™ The Box luggage strap is elastic and quite thin compared to the PERFORMA™ MATRIX. Our team at PERFORMA™ travels a lot for fitness conventions, expos and with our families; therefore, having the best travel features was essential when creating the PERFORMA™ MATRIX. The MATRIX 6 Meal Prep Bag features a luggage strap that is made with seatbelt materials. The thick strap is durable so you can attach it to your suitcase and forget about it (until the next you’re hungry at least).

    When flying, we always have to be conscious of the products that we are bringing are TSA approved. The FITMARK™ The Box comes with two ice packs—one that is TSA approved and one that is a little larger and isn’t TSA approved. Our PERFORMA™ MATRIX bag comes with two ice packs as well; however, both are identical in size and TSA approved even when not frozen.

    Shoulder straps are an everyday feature but become even more evident when traveling with several, heavy bags. The PERFORMA™ MATRIX features a padded shoulder strap with metal clips if you opt for carrying the meal prep bag from its top handle instead. The FITMARK™ The Box does have a shoulder strap but does not have either of those features. The thinner shoulder strap is actually sewn into the bag directly so there’s no option of removing it.


    The PERFORMA™ MATRIX is more expensive than the Fitmark™ The Box. The PERFORMA™ MATRIX is $69.99 and Fitmark™ has The Box listed as $59.99.

    We believe the extra containers alone make up for this price difference but factor in the quality materials and extra features of the PERFORMA™ MATRIX and the $10 price difference is completely justified.


    Fitmark™ offers a one-year-unlimited warranty for their bags if you bought it directly from them. If you bought from a third party, your bag does not fall under this warranty. PERFORMA™ is proud to provide our customers a lifetime limited warranty to all customers. We trust in the quality of our products and are proud to stand behind them.

    Will you choose the PERFORMA MATRIX or the FITMARK™ THE BOX?

    Our goal is not to sway you towards what we believe is the obvious choice, but instead present the facts in a way that can allow you to make the right choice for your active lifestyle.

    At PERFORMA™, we offer five different MATRIX styles, black//black, black/pink, Darth Vader, Superman and one of our most popular, Punisher. We are very proud to be officially licenced by Marvel, DC, Star Wars and Disney and hope you love the licensed MATRIX meal prep bags as much as we do.

    We hope this meal management bag comparison helped you and we would love to know what you end up getting. Let us know!

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