My PERFORMA™ Lifestyle: 16-Year-Old 100+ Pound Weight loss Journey

We are so excited to share the inspiring story of our youngest PERFORMA Hero, Abby Manning.

PERFORMA Hero: Abby Manning

Age: 16

Location: Illinois

Follow Her Journey: @loseitwithabby

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Abby turned her life around during arguable the toughest year of any teenager’s life: freshman year. We are so inspired by Abby’s story and how she is incorporating PERFORMA into her daily routine to live a healthier lifestyle.

Here’s what she had to say about her journey so far:

Q: Who is Abby Manning?

A: “I am a super busy 16 year old, Junior in high school. Besides keeping my grades up and taking honors and AP classes, I am also involved in theater, badminton and I work a part-time job.


Q: What was your life like before weight loss?

A: “Yikes, this is a hard question! Before my weight loss, I was 100 percent body positivity, super confident, and I loved myself. I embraced being overweight and I didn’t care what other people thought of me.


But then I entered high school and I noticed that I was going to football games and I was the one taking photos of everyone and no one was including me in their photos. Shopping for a Homecoming dress left me super depressed. There wasn’t much out there for plus sized girls and I basically purchased whatever fit.


When I saw the photos from the Homecoming dance and I knew I didn’t want to be that fat girl anymore. The next day I decided to make better choices, get healthy and turn my life around.”


Q: How did you lose the weight? Did meal prepping play a part in your journey?

A: “I have been watching my calorie intake since day one. I eat about 1200-1400 calories a day. I also try to exercise as much as I can. Whether it’s a walk or a jog around the block, or going to the gym, I try to keep active!


I also meal plan every single day. I have kept logs of my food intake and also use an app to keep track of everything I eat. Meal planning was and still is a huge part of my lifestyle. I like to know what I am eating the day before I eat it. My mom and I grocery shop over the weekend and then I plan my meals when I get home.”


Q: Is it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle in high school? Why or why not?

A: “This question is tough because I can say yes, it is hard and no it’s not… so here’s why.

Of course it’s hard! My friends are eating French fries and pizza at lunch and I’m eating salads. When my friends invite me to go out to eat and I have to look at the menu online to make sure there is something I can eat.


It’s hard when I am at an after school activity and there will be snacks or pizza or cupcakes and I have to have super willpower to stay away from it and so far, I have. But it’s also not hard because I do meal plan and I know what I am eating and I stick to my plan.


I bring my lunch and I bring snacks if I know I am going to have a long day. I’ve also told my friends that I used to weigh 250+ pounds and that I refuse to be that girl again. They understand and 99% of them are so encouraging and positive that they keep me going!”


Q: What advice do you have for anyone who is just starting their journey to a healthier lifestyle?

A: “Baby steps! You aren’t going to lose the weight overnight and that’s probably the hardest part! We all want instant gratification. Take it slow! I think I said in my video that I could barely walk around the block, and now I run around the block. But it took time. Don’t get discouraged either. Take it day by day.


Losing weight is one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have messed up, it’s going to happen. Just don’t give up. Make small changes to your lifestyle every week. Keep going and make sure you have a good support system. My parents have both been there for me 100% of the way. My mom is one of my biggest fans and has supported me for over two years now.”


Q: How has your experience been with PERFORMA products? How will you implement them into your daily routine?

A: “Over the years I have found meal prep to be one of the most successful attributes to my weight loss.


The meal prep bag fits 3 containers, and the containers are the perfect size and great quality! I like to prepare snacks for after school activities and I pack my lunch in the [Matrix 3 Meal] as well. The meal prep bag isn’t too big so I am able to transport it perfectly to school and after school events.

"One of my favorite PERFORMA products is the ACTIV shaker bottle. I love just filling it up with water before the gym or school but it’s also perfect for protein shakes and my smoothies!"

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🎃Oh fall- it’s basically beginning to become winter where I live - snow expected Thursday! Well happy Monday everyone!! Okay so I always feel more motivated to continue on my healthy lifestyle when I’m posting on here! From my last post I was really disappointed in myself - however the following day I got up and went to the gym! I killed my workout and I had an awesome day! I was so proud of myself and feeling very motivated! I really feel if you ever have the opportunity to work out in the morning or to begin your day- try it! It really helped me stay motivated and on the right track! I want to set some goals as November rolls around- ecspecially with the holidays coming upon us! I will be starting a new group chat early - instead of december I think we will start November 1st- so please look for information on my Instagram story mode! Finally I wanted to say that I will be becoming more active and will be showing you guys some awesome products that have made my life a ton easier with meal prep! Anyways I know everything was a little all over the place- but let’s gets motivated and have a great week!! #teen #teenweightloss #weightloss #teenweightlossjourney #weightlossjourney #teenweightlosschallenge #teenweightlossstory #teenweightlosstransformation #strong #weightlosstransformations #gym #healthy #fitteen #fitness #healthyliving #workout #cardio #healthyeating #water #weightlosschallenge

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"The ACTIV has a 100% leak free guarantee, and trust me with how clumsy I am, they have not leaked at all or spilled. Overall I have loved using the products. They are great quality and they help keep me on track and less stressed out! "

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If you’d like to learn more about Abby’s journey to a healthy lifestyle, watch her video diary below or follow her on Instagram @loseitwithabby.

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