NEW! Spider-Man Protein Shaker

Introducing our two newest Spider-Man ACTIV shakers—including the exclusive web design!

Spider-Man continues to be a relevant, heroic symbol for today’s generation. He is largely considered the most popular character of the Marvel universe.

As a result of this, we have released several Spider-Man designs and products over the years including: locks, wrist wraps, PerfectShakers, lifting straps and now our two new Spider-Man ACTIV shakers.

With the release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse in 2018, the PERFORMA™ team was once again inspired to release a new set of shaker designs.


In October 2019, the PERFORMA™ team launched two new ACTIV Spider-Man designs; one shaker design featuring red and white accents and the other red and blue. While you’ll be able to find the white and red Spider-Man shaker in your local health food store, the blue and red design is exclusively available online via and Amazon.


There are limited quantities of the web exclusive Spider-Man shaker however, our team opted to make it available to PERFORMA™ Nation as it’s a more subtle and sophisticated color combination option.


All of our PERFORMA™ shakers are leak-free guaranteed and come with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. We trust the quality of our products and stand behind them 100 percent. Our shakers are made with duraplex plastic and printed with UV ink to ensure your favourite designs don’t fade or chip.


New to our PERFORMA™ shaker collection this year is our ACTIV integrated handle. The sleek design and strong material ensures you can take your shaker wherever you go with ease. Carry your PERFORMA™ ACTIV shaker with just one or two fingers or hook it straight on to your gym bag.


For those who only like bringing in a water bottle or shaker to the gym, we suggest hooking your car keys right to the bottle to keep everything together. You can also remove the ActionRod and agitator to use the shaker just as a water bottle.


PERFORMA™ ACTIV Shaker Features

Enjoy the same benefits of our original PERFORMA™ PerfectShakers but now with an easy-to-grab lid perfect for efficient workouts.

100% Officially Licensed Products
We are so proud to be licensed with Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and MLB.
Have confidence throwing your shaker in your gym bag or purse without free of If for any reason the product leaks, we will replace it free of charge.
ActionRod Technology:
Our proprietary mixing element that amplifies the kinetic energy in the shaker cup optimizing fluid dynamics for the ultimate smooth mix.
Duraplex Shatter Resistant Plastic:
Our patented polymer that ensures maximum impact and shock absorption.
100% BPA FREE:
Feel good about using BPA free, reuseable, food grade plastic shaker cups.
ExtraLast UV Ink:
Designed to protect from fading and chipping
Dishwasher Safe
Integrated Handle
The EZ handle is perfect for those on-the-go and efficient moves from machine to machine.


Keep your workouts and your hydration active with the new PERFORMA™ Spider-Man ACTIV shakers. Which colour combination do you prefer? The white and red or blue and red?


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