PERFORMA™ Lifestyle: Staying Healthy as a Working Nurse

Balancing a healthy lifestyle and shift work (and about a million other things), Erin is an everyday inspiration.

Hearing the inspiring stories from our community keeps us motivated to practice what we preach and continue innovating products that help our customers maintain a healthy, active lifestyle.

When we first heard from Erin, she explained that her entire nursing floor was asking her about her products. With long shift work, teaching spin class and training six days to boot, Erin shows us there’s no time for excuses only preparation.

Name: Erin Thomas

Age: 47

Location: California

Occupation: Nurse & Fitness Instructor

Favourite PERFORMA Product: MATRIX 6 Meal Prep Bag

Who is Erin Thomas?

“I am a 47-year-old Nurse, Fitness Instructor and I also promote a Nutritional Product. I am very active and recently competed in a Figure Competition taking second place.”

What is your daily life like?

“I am up at 4 am six days a week. Having my meal prep on point is a must!! If I am going to be able to last the entire day I have to fuel properly. I work all day as a nurse, then teach cycle classes and train six days a week. I also promote my business in the nooks and crannies of my day.”

What is the most difficult part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle with shift work?

“The hardest part of being a nurse is that we don’t always have time to eat and often have very bad choices in the work areas. Having my meals prepared and with me makes it easier to make better choices and keeps me on point with my training. This is the key to my success.

Keeping a healthy lifestyle is not easy especially during [show] prep. Eating every two to three hours does not always happen. Having my food prepared I can take a very quick break and refuel.”

What is your favourite PERFORMA product?

“I love my PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep bag. It is not too big and holds enough to get through my entire day. It also holds a 28oz shaker and other compartments that I use daily.”

What is your biggest passion?

“It is my passion to live a healthy lifestyle and encourage others to as well. I am leading by example and I have been able to give these resources to others to help with their fitness journey. Products such as these are essential for [my] success.”

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