PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag vs. 6 Pack Innovator 300 3 Meal Prep Bag

Hey PerformaNation, today I'm gonna compare the PERFORMA Matrix 6 meal all in one Meal Prep bag, and the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300 3 meal prep bag.

Physical Size & Volume Comparison

The first difference between the two is the size of the two bags. The Innovator 6 Pack bag is a three meal bag. The PERFORMA Matrix bag is a six meal bag (more on this later).

Here is where it gets kinda wild. When comparing between the the two size-wise, the Innovator bag is about a 50 percent larger than the PERFORMA bag, and over 40 percent heavier. BUT WAIT, that doesn't make sense? The PERFORMA bag holds twice the amount of meals AND is more compact and lighter? Yes that is true!

Lightweight & Compact WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Meal Container Volume/Capacity Comparison

So let's take a look in terms of capacity between the two to see how much more one of these two bags can hold. So if I unzip the front of the 6 Pack Fitness bag, you can see the three meals are stacked kind of in a tray system here. And then on top of that they actually have a cool feature, a vitamin container storage here on top, which is nice. And on each side of the innovator bag, you can store shaker bottles.

I'll unzip the PERFORMA bag. Inside there are six meals neatly stacked and organized. And if you open it up from the top we have a bonus storage area. In total when you purchase this bag you receive the six meal containers, but as you read below this is by no means the maximum it can store.

To see how many more meals the PERFORMA meal bag can store let's take everything out of the 6 Pack bag and let's see if we can fit it inside of the PERFORMA bag. To make room for the three 6 Pack containers meal containers I take out three containers from the PERFORMA bag and stack the three 6Pack containers in their place. So all three fit perfectly in there. Let's zip that up.

And then on the top of those six meal containers (3 PERFORMA & 3 6 Pack) let's fit the 6 pack vitamin container in. So here now we have EVERY container from the 6 Pack bag inside the PERFORMA bag. Then on top of that, we still have more room inside this bag, so let's add in more!

I was able to add in another PERFORMA meal container next to the 6Pack vitamin container and because the Matrix Meal Bag has bonus storage at the top, I was able to put a final container there as well. So how many total containers fit inside the PERFORMA Cooler Bag? NINE!!! (5 PERFORMA containers and all 4 6Pack containers).

So again, everything has been taken out of the Innovator bag and everything's been put into the PERFORMA bag, and plus we've added two more meal containers in on top of that.

Meal Container Storage WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Shaker Cup Storage Comparison

And then on to the Shaker Cups. In the Innovator 300 bag I was about to fit four PERFORMA Shaker Cups (two on each side). The PERFORMA Matrix bag, has a thermal pocket that's expandable with a drawstring and clasp and can comfortably fit two shaker cups. This would be the maximum amount of shakers you could hold inside a PERFORM bag.

While the 6 Pack Innovator does hold four shaker cups (vs. PERFORMA Matrix holding two) the question I would ask is, do you need four Shaker Cups inside your bag at one time? So if that's what you need maybe the Innovator is the right option for you, but if you don't, then that's up to you to decide.

Shaker Storage WINNER? 6 Pack Innovator 300 Meal Prep Bag

Materials Comparison

I'll touch now just on a few of the features and benefits between these two bags. BOTH are made of polyester.

Foil Liner Comparison

BOTH have a foil inner to help keep everything nice and cold.

Ice Pack Comparison

Both come with two ice packs. Here's the 6 Pack ice pack, and here is our ice pack. The 6 Pack one's a little bit bigger, but honestly, their bag is twice as big as ours, and so I could see why they would need a bigger ice pack. Another drawback of a big icepack is it makes the bag heavier.

The benefit of the PERFORMA gel ice packs is they areTSA approved. So you can take them through security at room temperature. You are not able to do this with the 6 Pack Fitness ice pack. Theirs would need to be frozen if you wanna to take it through airplane security which is a hassle, especially if you are trying to fly during warm weather and have to get the icepack to the airport without it unfreezing at all.

Ice Pack Comparison WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Shoulder Strap Comparison

We'll look at the shoulder straps here. Great shoulder strap on the Innovator bag. We have a great shoulder strap. Both shoulder straps are removable on both bags, which is great 'cause some bags don't have a removable shoulder strap.

Shoulder Strap Comparison WINNER? Tie

Additional Side Storage Comparison

Let's see here, for extra storage ... There's no extra pockets or anything on the 6 Pack cooler bag. There's no pocket in the front zipper pocket. There's no pockets on the sides of this bag besides the shaker cup pockets. On the PERFORMA bag there's a pocket here right in the front zipper pocket to store cutlery, napkins, condiment pockets, etc.

On the side of the PERFORMA bag, we have a couple pockets for extra storage. On the outside of the zipper pocket, it has a little slip pocket. Inside the zipper pocket is MORE POCKETS! One is a mesh pocket on the inside of the zipper pocket and the other is an elastic band pocket that is great to store things like keys, credit cards, jewelry, money, etc.

Inside that zippered pocket is key chain fob, and so if you wanted to clip on your keys, had a gym pass card or a key fob, you can clip it on there, which is really nice.

Side Storage Comparison WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Backside Meal Bag Storage Comparison

Now comparing the backside of both bags. The PERFORMA Matrix bag has a thick premium luggage strap. On the 6 Pack bag, they have a luggage strap, which is great, but it's a little thin.

A bonus feature that the PERFORMA bag has is what we call a secret slip pocket on the back. We like to call this our tablet pocket. If you wanna store anything like a tablet, book or of similar size you can slide it in here, which is really, really nice and convenient.

Backside Meal Bag Storage Comparison WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Warranty Comparison

In terms of warranties with these two bags, 6 Pack Fitness has a one year warranty on their meal bag. On the PERFORMA product, and honestly all PERFORMA products, is we have a limited lifetime guarantee. And so what that means, we have a lifetime against any kind of workmanship issues or defects you would have in your bag, which is absolutely fantastic.

Warranty Comparison WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag

Price Comparison Matrix 6 Meal vs Innovator 300

And then finally, the price. At the time I checked the 6 Pack Innovator 300 cooler bag on their website was $79.99. The PERFORMA bag on our website was $69.99, for a difference of the Innovator 300 being $10 more expensive.

Price Comparison WINNER? PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Prep Bag


  1. The PERFORMA Matrix Cooler Bag is 50% more compact and 40% lighter than the 6 Pack Innovator 300
  2. The PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal Bag not only holds ALL containers the Innovator 300 comes with but an additional five meals!
  3. The 6 Pack Innovator 300 holds four shaker bottles vs the Matrx's two, but do you really need to hold four shakers at one time?
  4. BOTH are made of polyester, have a foil liner and detachable shoulder strap
  5. The PERFORMA Matrix Gel Ice Packs are TSA Approved, which the 6 Pack Fitness ones are not.
  6. The PERFORMA Matrix Bag has many more additional pockets, a more premium luggage strap and the amazing secret slip pocket for tablets.
  7. The PERFORMA Meal Bag is $10 CHEAPER than the 6 Pack Fitness Innovator 300.
So a lot of great features between these bags. Again, both great bags. But we like to think there's a lot of value put into the PERFORMA bag. Ultimately the choice is up to you!

Thank you so much for reading. Please be sure to comment below, like the post, and connect with #PerformaNation on social, and we'll see you again soon.

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