The Best Gym Towel Review 2019

The best microfiber towel for your sweat wicking needs.

Whether you’re looking for a lightweight towel for your next backpacking trip or an absorbent towel to take the gym, there is only one clear answer: the PERFORMA™ Performance Towel. However, we don’t want to just tell you that our towel is the best—we want to show you.

The Results

When testing the PERFORMA™ Performance towel against a standard cotton gym towel, we found that our towel is more absorbent.

The Towel Test

In the video, you can see Mark, Co-Founder of PERFORMA™, pour 12oz of water on both a standard cotton gym towel and the PERFORMA™ Performance towel. Within seconds, the benefit of the microfiber waffle texture becomes obvious—while the water on the cotton towel pools in the middle, the water on our towel absorbs in an outward direction to utilize the absorbent fabric.

Next, we decided to put the full towel to the test. Mark used each towel to try to wipe up the rest of the moisture on the table. When using the standard cotton towel, there was a significant amount of water remaining on the table. When using the PERFORMA™ Performance towel, there was little moisture remaining on the surface.

Finally, we wanted to test how much water was actually locked into the fabric. To do so, we lifted each towel up and watched carefully to see if any water dripped back on to the table. When lifting the standard cotton towel, almost all of the 12oz of water originally poured dripped back to the table surface. When lifting the PERFORMA™ Performance towel no water dripped.

The PERFORMA™ Performance towel is antimicrobial, lightweight, absorbent, fast-drying and perfect for a variety of activities.


For those travelling overseas or backpacking, this towel isn’t going to add weight to your bag. The feather-like weight towel is also fast drying to ensure it’s light even after use.


One of the most important features of the PERFORMA™ Performance towel is its antimicrobial benefits.The agent kills microorganisms and stops growth to ensure you are always toweling off with a healthy towel free from odors.


What good is a gym towel if it doesn’t absorb moisture? Our PERFORMA™ Performance towels are made with absorbent microfiber to help lock in moisture 10 times better than your traditional cotton towel.


Even though the towel absorbs better than other leading gym towels, it also extremely fast drying. Half way through a sweaty workout, you’ll still be able to dry off with our towel.


Our towel is designed for those living a fast paced, healthy lifestyle. The towel is 34 by 17 inches which perfectly covers workout benches.

The PERFORMA™ Performance towel is also extremely durable. You can wash it up to 500 times without wear and tear—in fact, the more you wash our towels, the softer they become. The waffle pattern helps create this soft texture while also increasing the absorption.

Best Gym Towel Designs

Choose from Captain America, Punisher, Spider-Man, Deadpool, PERFORMA™ Black or PERFORMA™ Blue. Click here to shop.

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