The Best Meal Prep Bag On The Market "The Story"

Hi, I'm Mark Holowaychuk, co-founder of the PERFORMA company, and I'm here to tell you the story of our PERFORMA Matrix 6 Meal all in one meal prep bag. We wanted to make the best bag on the market. We wanted you to have the most features, the most value and pay the absolute least for it.

So where to start? Well being that we had never made a meal prep bag before we had a few options. 1. Find an existing generic meal bag that was currently being made and slap our logo on it or 2. Put time in researching, gathering data and partner with cooler bag making experts to truly make something that will deliver incredible value to the user.

So.....we opted for #2. We searched around and found two experts who their combined experience had over 35 years in making cooler bags for one of the leading cooler bag companies in the world. We then bought all the "name brand" meal prep bags and cooler bags on the market and completely dissected them. What features offered true value, which didn't or were a waste of money.

The cooler bag experts took us through the process of making the bag from a brainstorming session, to sketches, to sample patterns, to MANY test concepts until we FINALLY came up with the Matrix 6 meal bag you see today.

Creating a 100% custom bag is not the easy road and the whole bag making process took us over 18 months.

Our PERFORMA Matrix bag is a six meal bag. We have two stacks of three containers, and you can access them from the front or you can access them from the top.

What's really great about these containers is they're really, really premium quality. I know some of the companies make disposable throwaway ones. They are leak proof, they have the locking seals on the side which makes them extra secure. They're BPA free, dishwasher safe and microwave safe, absolutely amazing quality containers. (side note: Every PERFORMA product that holds food/liquids is 100% leak-proof and we have many years experience making plastic products).

In terms of storage, the number of containers, I said there was six containers that come with the bag itself but you actually can fit a lot more than six containers in here. I can easily add two more containers right on top of that (which takes us to 8 containers). Then within the lid, we actually have a bonus compartment that you can just zipper that open, and you could put whatever you want in here. All kinds of extra food or items, or if you really wanted, even can fit another meal (which brings our meal container total to 9!).

So even though we have it marketed and sold as a six meal bag, you easily could fit nine meals here, plus more, which is absolutely fantastic.

On the inside, we have a nice foil liner. The foil liner is PVC free. And why you don't see this on a lot of other cooler bags, especially our competitor's bags, is it costs a little bit more. But again, because of the expertise we added and their relationship with world-class factories, we were able to source the best quality for actually a lot less than what other people would pay for it. This helps keep your food colder or your food hotter. You will see a foil liner on premium cooler bags as its a very valuable feature.

In addition to the bag itself having a very high thermal efficiency it also comes with two ice packs. And what's great with our ice packs is they're TSA approved, so you can take these on the airplane with you, they're gel filled and very high quality.

Inside the bag, we have a removable foil divider as well. This thermal divider slides in and out and because it's removable, you actually can insert it in between the containers depending the temperature you wanted to keep. So let's say you wanted to keep your bottom two containers frozen, but the other meal containers needed to just stay cold, you actually can slide the foil divider between the meal containers you want frozen and separate them from the others for added temperature control.

The bag exterior has all kinds of storage as well. On one side of the meal prep bag we have a thermal insulated pocket, which we made to put a bottle such as a water bottle or shaker cup. It's actually so large that if you wanted to put two shakers, you can fit two shakers side by side. It has a draw string you can tighten it to make it even more snug to ensure your bottle is not going to fall out.

On the other side of our meal bag, we have a really handy slip pocket for storage which zips open to even more storage. And again, this side zipper storage pocket is insulated as well. Inside this pocket there is an additional mesh pocket, an elastic pocket (which is perfect for valuable such as credit cards, jewelry, money...etc) plus a clip to secure your keys, fob card, gym pass....etc.

When carrying it, we have a really great shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is removable, and what I really like with the shoulder strap positioning is it's ergonomically set. A lot of bags have it set right in the middle, which is fine, but when you hold the bag against your body, the strap is further from your body as it hangs by your side. So by having it offset to one side of the meal prep bag, the bag strap actually stays closer to your body, which a more comfortable.

On the back side of the cooler bag are two more features and these are two of my favorites. First we have a really nice, deep, slip pocket all along the back of the bag. You can put a tablet, a book, a notepad, anything can go right inside there. Really, really handy for extra storage. And then second, for those who travel, we have a extra wide premium luggage strap. So you can slide that right on your suitcase and be able to go.

Overall, we're really proud of this meal prep cooler bag. We stand behind it so much that it also comes with a limited lifetime warranty against workmanship and defects to ensure you're protected.

If you have any questions or concerns with the PERFORMA Matrix Cooler Bag don't hesitate to drop a comment below or reach out to us anytime here.

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