The Best On-The-Go Shaker Cup: PERFORMA™ ACTIV

The new shaker cup lid that will change how you hydrate.

Move from rack to machine with ease with our new PERFORMA ACTIV shaker. The easy-to-grab integrated handle allows for efficient transitions and a place to hook your keys.

The perfect shaker to encourage you to hydrate on-the-go. Hook on your ACTIV shaker to your gym bag or throw it into your work bag without fear—our shakers are 100 percent leak free guaranteed.

Our ACTIV collection shakers feature all the same incredible benefits you love from our classic PerfectShaker. Along with being shatter resistant and BPA free, the ACTIV shaker uses the same patented ActionRod technology that has sold millions of our shakers around the globe.

What sets the ACTIV apart from our other shaker is the easy-to-grab integrated handle. Whether you are hook your shaker onto your gym bag or carrying between sets, our ACTIV shaker is 100 percent leak free guaranteed.

We’ve designed the ACTIV shaker lid to perfectly fit our classic PerfectShaker. Update your favourite PERFORMA superhero shaker with our new integrated handle and go.

Along with our licenced options, we offer the ACTIV shaker is a variety of colours: teal, slate, white, black, sky blue, purple, and blue. To learn more about the PERFORMA ACTIV shaker, click here.

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