The Best Selling Shaker Cup of 2019 (Extremely Unique Mixer Inside)

Best Selling Shaker Cup of 2019 (Extremely Unique Mixer Inside)

The real reason we’ve sold millions of these shakers worldwide.

We’ve sold millions of units of our PERFORMA PerfectShaker cups—this is the shaker that launched the whole company! We are also the first company in the world to make licensed shaker cups.

Now you can choose your favourite Marvel, DC and Star Wars characters on a variety of our PERFORMA products (including the PerfectShaker of course).

The Best Features of the PERFORMA PerfectShaker

Our PERFORMA PerfectShaker is leak proof, durable and order resistant.

100% Officially Licensed Products
If for any reason the product leaks, we will replace it free of charge.
ActionRod Technology:
Our proprietary mixing element that amplifies the kinetic energy in the shaker cup optimizing fluid dynamics for the ultimate smooth mix.
Duraplex Shatter Resistant Plastic:
Our patented polymer that ensures maximum impact and shock absorption.
100% BPA FREE:
Food Grade Plastic
ExtraLast UV Ink:
Designed to protect from fading and chipping
Dishwasher Safe

The Shaker Feature That Sold Millions

One of PERFORMA™ PerfectShaker's most notable features is its ActionRod Technology. Providing smoother mixing than any of our competitors, the ActionRod amplifies the kinetic energy optimizing fluid dynamics.

With our quality manufactured leak proof bottle and durable lid, you can shake everything from your protein, greens or even pancake mix without fear of leaking. All of our products come with a limited Lifetime Warranty.

To shop the PERFORMA™ PerfectShaker collection click here. To shop our licenced Perfect Shaker collection click here.

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