Why You Should Try Our Best Vitamin Pill Containers

Hey, PerformaNation Mark Holowaychuk here, co-founder of PERFORMA. Today I'm going to share with you our PERFORMA Vitamin Containers.

Universal Features on All PERFORMA Vitamin Containers

Duraplex Shatter Resistant Plastic1. Duraplex Shatter Resistant Plastic - this prolongs the life of your vitamin container and protects against cracking, splitting and overall damage during day to date use

ClickTight Technology2. ClickTight Technology - this closure system ensures it is highly unlikely your pill container will ever pop open on its own and that your vitamins stay secure.

BPA-FREE3. BPA-FREE & Dishwasher Safe - PERFORMA products are third party tested to not container BPA or other harmful chemicals and are top rack dishwasher safe

ExtraLast-UV-Ink4. ExtraLast UV Ink - is a special UV ink that preserves your logo on your product longer than competitors. So when you have something rub against it or if you have oily hands, it's not going to wear off. Often you buy something for logo on it, and you want the logo to stay. ExtraLast UV ink ensures the logo stays on longer.

Our vitamin containers come in three different sizes.


1. Daily Vitamin Container

Pill Capacity: 60 Pills
Material: Plastic


The PERFORMA Daily Pill Container is the "on the go", fit in your pocket, take what you need for the day pill storage container.

Because of its size you can easily bring this with you where ever you are going and helps you make sure you always have your vitamins with you. Also being that it holds 60 pills there is plenty of room to hold your entire daily pill protocol.





2. 7-Day Vitamin Container

Pill Capacity: 150 Pills
Material: Plastic

PERFORMA-7-day-pill-container-captain-americaThe PERFORMA 7-Day Vitamin Container is the Sunday through Saturday vitamin scheduler. With an individual storage slot for each day of the week you can load up your pills and help keep track of what pills you need to take on what day. This pill container has a large storage capacity of 150 pills.

PRO TIP: If you take your pills in two divided doses ie morning and night, I would suggest getting two 7-day containers and use one for each of the two daily doses.PERFORMA-Vitamin-Chest-White


3. Vitamin Chest

Pill Capacity:
Material: Plastic

This is our large capacity one. So if you take a lot of vitamins or prefer to store them in a tray rather than individual bottles, this is a great vitamin storage product for you.

The PERFORMA VitamPERFORMA-Vitamin-Chest-Wonder-Womanin Chest has individual partitions, that you can take in and out. What is cool about the removable partitions is you can customize the size of each section so if you have one pill size that is larger than others, or if you take a greater amount of a certain pill you can go and separate and kind of divide everything up.

The capacity on the chest is very large at 800 total pills.

If you have any questions or concerns with the PERFORMA Vitamin Containers don't hesitate to drop a comment below or reach out to us anytime here.

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