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Role: Social Media & Customer Service Manager
Location: Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Do you care about people? Do you care about providing exceptional customer? Honestly, this job probably isn’t for you, but if service or the act of service is a primary core value of yours then please read on.


We are PERFORMA, makers of ultra premium shaker cups, meal prep bags and other fitness accessories, and are obsessed with our customers and serving them with the best fitness products on the planet.

We specialize in licensing and have partnerships with Marvel, DC Comics, WWE, Star Wars, MLB..etc to create exclusive designed products in addition to our PERFORMA branded gear.

Since 2010 PERFORMA has been built on service. SERVICE is the foundation and most important of all values. Add in INTEGRITY, and RESULTS, and you have three PERFORMA core values.

We are on our way to achieving our slightly longer term goal of being the #1 provider of fitness accessories in the world by 2027 and this career opportunity outlines where we see the company’s service and social media.

Our purpose is to create enthusiasm for building a healthy lifestyle.

Are you building a successful health/fitness related personal lifestyle brand through Instagram, Youtube, Facebook, or Snapchat?

Have you considered a career at building a lifestyle brand for a company?


PERFORMA has an opening for a service and social media specialist who is truly passionate about connecting with people and is a social person at heart.

The right person considers building a community to be an art and is passionately creative in doing so. This is an incredible opportunity to oversee our social media landscape, create value for and build a community of like-minded fitness enthusiasts

While certain parts of the position do have their structure and processes, we really like when our team members are themselves and encourage their individual personalities shine through! If you would consider yourself an artist of social media business development/brand building who feels that providing amazing value to a community you are building is like giving a gift then you are someone we NEED to talk to.

To be clear the only way we win is if we win together. To accomplish our goals it will take you and the rest of our team working together. Because of you doing what you do, it allows the rest of the company to do what we do and dream BIG.  

Building the relationship between our company and our consumer will be a primary focus. It is this community building that will be the heart of how we win. The stronger the relationships to our consumers and the larger our community, the faster we win.

The Details of the WHAT we want to achieve

Ultimately you are the frontline to PerformaNation. What does that mean? Basically every place we interact with our customers (phone, email, social) you are there acknowledge them, find out what they need, provide them amazing service and make them feel awesome!

Key focus areas for customer service:

  1. Phone
    1. All incoming calls. Majority are our end customers, but some will be from retailers or people interested in custom products, which you would then get them in touch with the appropriate person
    2. All issues, customer product requests or feedback needs to be logged
  2. Email
    1. All incoming customer service email. Again, majority are our end customers, but some will be from retailers or people interested in custom products, which you would then get them in touch with the appropriate person
    2. All issues, customer product requests or feedback needs to be logged
  3. Amazon
    1. This support is related to answering product related questions to our customers ask through the amazon platform
  4. PerformaHero Program for Influencers
    1. You will be the main customer service point person relating to any and all questions from our growing team of “heroes”

Key focus areas for social media:

  1. Distributing all the engaging content between the various social platforms and engaging with the community
  • This is key. We will teach you our content distribution strategy of taking long form video content and breaking it up into micro video, graphic, text and audio content. (Note: you need to be able to do basic video editing)
  • We realize that platforms like IG are popular, but it is vital the content is distributed to all possible channels to ensure maximal exposure
  • The dialogue we will have with our customers will be extremely open and encouraged
  • We genuinely believe in respect, acknowledgement and making our PerformaNation community feel special.
  • One strategy which we swear by is responding to every comment (yes every comment), DM, story mention, post tag...etc that has our brand in it.
    • Does the above get monotonous at times? Heck yeah it does, but we are cut from the cloth that if someone takes the time to reach or connect out to us in any way, that at the very LEAST we can do is comment back thanking them for their feedback, support, sharing,...etc
  • Encouraging and perpetuating conversations within our community & seeking out conversations related to our products or where our target fitness enthusiasts are living and engaging with them
  • All feedback regarding our brand from various review websites or forums will be acknowledged and responded to in thoughtful and genuine way. We want anywhere our customers are talking about us to know we are there and that we are there to serve them and ultimately make them feel awesome! This especially includes questions on social. We respond to our customers questions and ensure we leave the interaction making them feel awesome
  • We will locate every place that people are talking about our brand and join the conversation. We won’t just “like” the post/conversation but always comment and maybe even DM them to personally thank them for their support and ask if there is anything else we can do better or recommend something to them that we know will add value to them? This is very time consuming as we are basically talking one on one to many people, but this is the true way to build a community. Talking to people one on one.
    • IG posts/video
    • FB posts/video
    • FB Reviews
    • Tweets
    • Youtube videos
    • Snapchat snaps
    • Forums
    • Review websites
  • The future of the PerformaHero Program: a scaling robust influencer program that targets partnerships with long tail influencers
  • It will contain an army of thousands of people who use the brand, rep/promote it to others and live the lifestyle of what each of our brands entail (NOTE: this program just launched so currently not much work to be done, but this will grow over time)
    • There will be different levels of influencers depending on the value they offer
    • The top influencers will receive sponsorship deals and event appearances, low level influencers receive product discounts, clothing and other swag. Cash earnings grow as you move up the influencer tier ladder
  • As a leader of the influencer program we would like you to know who many of the top influencers are in the health/fitness space and not only see the opportunity from a business side to collaborate with them, but are truly a FAN of various influencers and are currently part of their communities
  • Open to being at some industry events and create show focused content that allows the community to live the experience of the people and event even if they aren’t there
  • Great content gets shared and we will trust our community’s feedback (which we will encourage and document) to tell us what we are serving/creating for them is of value.
  • Types of value we can provide our community includes:
    • Inspiring people to change their lives
    • Making them feel part of a family
    • Listening to them and responding to their feedback
    • Showcasing them (Nike - how it was worn) & on social (especially through IG stories and snapchat)
  • Creating engaging content that encourages comments and “shares”
  • (NOTE: based on the quantity of content required other people within the company will also be creating content for you to post so creating all content will not be only your responsibility. You will however need to know how to make it and will cover that later in this posting)

The person who will be most successful in this position:

  1. Service and serving others is their #1 core value (This is the #1 core value of both owners as well)
  2. Is a fitness enthusiast, currently uses some (or many) of our products and is a fan of the fitness community and various influencers
  3. Has a successful fitness related personal brand or is very active on social media on multiple platforms where they can show they can cultivated a community of like minded individuals (this one is very important to us)
  4. Is excited and committed to continuing to learn how to be great at social (currently follows podcasts, networks, watches youtube videos, reads blogs/books, takes courses and/or attends workshops on the latest social trends and best practices)
  5. Believes that the value they provide their community is a gift and receive satisfaction sharing their gift
  6. Isn’t a 9-5 work schedule person. They live the lifestyle themselves and see social media/work/life integration as something that is all-in-one. Not work/life balance, but rather work/life integration.
  7. Not only isn’t intimidated about the task of growing a social community through service, and responding to every customer interaction, but excited about the opportunity to own and put their stamp on leading the charge as the front facing person to our customers and PerformaNation

How we are gauging success:

  1. We are having more and more 1:1 interactions (this is most important)
  2. The sales on our website are increasing
  3. The size of PerformaNation is growing


  • Posting and engagement on social media accounts for below brands:
    • PERFORMA CUSTOM (Planning to launch later in 2019)
  • While you will be needed to help create content for the above brands, your focus will be ensuring the content that is created is being distributed through the various platforms and that all the conversations/comments/questions regarding our brands are being nurtured and responded to in a timely manner
  • Manage PerformaHero influencer program customer service
  • Promoting our e-commerce channel and helping grow sales through customer service and social content

KPI’s (potential)

    • Grow combined community to X by 2021
    • E-Commerce sales through social $X in 2019
    • Achieve X number of shares
    • Influencer program sales of X% of e-commerce sales

Creative Skills

Creating the content isn’t your primary responsibility, however you need to be able to do the following:

  • Graphic design - create graphics or edit photos
  • Photography - take photos of yourself, products, others using our products
  • Video - shoot videos of yourself/others/products and have basic video edit skills
    • There are two other people in the company who will be creating video content. Your role could be helping with the filming, doing basic edits to the footage or if you desire be in the content and help decide what videos to make

Employment Details:

  • This is a Full-Time Permanent position
  • Salary is based on experience/past results and in addition a performance bonus will be paid based on successful growth
  • You would work out of our Oakville office some of the time however we understand that social media is 24/7 and most of your time would "working" would be out in the world
    • Being in the office at least once a week every week to be involved in creating video and photography content would be required
  • The ability to travel international travel would be required

When replying please send the below to mark at :

  1. Email that includes
    1. A link to a YouTube video of yourself, introducing yourself, telling us a bit about yourself, sharing why you believe you will be a great culture/role fit for PERFORMA & who is your favourite superhero
    2. LinkedIn Profile Link (if you have one)
    3. Link to any/all of your social media accounts that you would like to share
  2. Resume

Only successful candidates will be contacted. Pay will be based on skills and track record.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!




FB/IG/Twitter/LinkedIn: @PerformaNation


Snapchat: coming soon….

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